Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I’m Haley of ItsHailzBailz ,  for most of my childhood, I was called Haily Baily and it later morphed into hailzbailz!

ItsHailzbailz was created as an outlet for me to put my everyday life into a story. Some day I hope to look back and see how much I’ve grown as a woman in business, a friend, a daughter, and all the other labels I hold.

My blog will consist of lifestyle, fashion, dating, & family. I will showcase everyday finds, occasional splurges, dating fails (that I now laugh at), and real-time posts about all the adventures of your twenties.

This is an online journal for me to share my story with an audience, whether it is to make you laugh or smile. This world can sometimes be a dark and scary place, especially when your navigating adulthood, career moves, familial obligations, and attempting to have a social life eh?

I hope to create a community of women that encourage one another and share in the splendors of this crazy journey we call life. 

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