I'm Hailz!

In February of 2020, I quit my “big girl ” job in corporate fashion. I was sick of working long hours at a dead-end job, where everyone was promised career growth but truly no such thing happened. I left without securing another full-time job because I was so adamant that I could make this work but wasn’t quite sure what “this” even was.

After one month of assisting a  fashion blogger, Covid-19 hit the United States & I was laid off on March 6th. Little did I know, this would be the beginning of my business…

I spent the next twelve weeks quarantined in my house like the rest of the United States, scouring Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. I started creating content for the blog I someday wished to have. I made mood boards, fashion collages, graphics, and starting developing my style. One day I decided to DM a handful of bloggers I admired to see if they needed help with that kind of "stuff." I got one yes, a few no's, and a couple of maybes. But ONE YES! That was all I needed. After you have one happy client, they refer you to other people in need, and so on and so forth. It wasn't until months later when I was in my doctor's office getting laser hair removal (best thing ever) that I realized I had my own business. I was describing to the Doctor what I did for a living, and she said "Would you be interested in helping grow my practice?" Sitting there dumbfounded that someone would want to PAY me on a regular basis was insane! Keeping my cool I said yes of course- and scheduled my first consultation for that following week.