• Haley Paoletta-Craw

Brunch for Days!

Is there anything more exciting than brunch with your girls? I think not! One of my favorite activities with my girls is to explore local restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Discover a place to hang, chill, and connect, but let's be real for a sec, none of us are seeing friends as much as we'd like these days (thank you, COVID) and most restaurants have limited capacity and/or abbreviated hours. Terrain Cafe in Westport, Ct invited me and the girls for a brunch to remember! Walking into Terrain is an experience in it of itself, the decor and ambiance are truly magical, but only the beginning of what Terrain has to offer. As we were seated at the table i noticed a dainty brown paper bag that read "for your mask" loved this little touch! I have never seen those anywhere (way to go, Terrain!)

I started off with a Toasted Marshmellow Mocha - to die for! ( See Below )

Next, we were pleased with a surprise (thank you Jes, the chef) of the seasonal artisanal cheeseboard. I won't let the Italian in me show too much, but charcuterie is basically a food group in my house- so this hit the spot! The fresh & did I mention LOCAL - cheeses & jam! Perfecto!

I ordered a few things for the table;

Roasted Apple Salad- A bed of arugula, shaved fennel, pumpkin seed brittle, balsamic vinaigrette, & whipped goat cheese... this was my favorite!

Breakfast Board- This is a great entree to order for the table, you get sausage, bacon, toast, and eggs of your choice, all beautifully presented on a rustic platter. Fried Avocado Benedict- This one my friend Ashley of StyleeLyst had to convince me to try because im not an eggs benedict person the runny egg part freaks me out, but it does make for good content (go check out her video from our time at Terrain) Desert, Desert, Desert! My favorite course - I have a sweet tooth for sure!

Smores Pie - graham cracker crust, ganache, caramel, torched meringue! (Delish) &

Caramelized Pumpkin Pie (pictured below)

In addition to the delicious food, Terrain has employees to rave about! The moment I sat down I was greeted with a smile, and felt welcomed and safe. The waitstaff always kept a distance between us, and made sure to speak up so we could hear them. I felt as thought Terrain had covered all the bases in regards to Covid. I would reccomend checking out Terrain the next time your in Westport, CT you won't be dissapointed! Tell them I sent you! Thanks so much for having us, Terrain, I will be back!! xx hailz

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