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My 30 Day Shopping Cleanse

Man, oh man it's that time of year again, January, the month of G U I L T. Guilt towards how many times I purchased a holiday gift for a friend and then "Treated MYSELF," too many times Haley. ( I keep telling myself I have an addictive personality, aka justifying why I do what I do but, in true Haley Fashion, it's time to expose myself )

I created this 30 day cleanse in an effort to spend January reflecting on the money I spent in December and how much of it was a compulsive buy vs. a necessary buy. Let me tell you, sweetie, credit cards do not lie. The "Year in Review" email I got from my Discover CC still haunts me. Fortunately, I have always made a conscious effort to only buy if I can pay it off immediately. This technique has helped me set savings goals for the year to come, but as I see the money I spent & paid off realizing that could've been in my bank account accruing interest I get PISSED at myself.

Ok back to the story, the REAL reason I challenged myself to this 30 Day Shopping Cleanse. I wanted to prove to my readers and other aspiring bloggers that you don't have to spend money to make a blog. You can and you SHOULD make content out of the clothes you already own. I promise you no one is judging you except yourself. In college, I remember discovering bloggers such as Arielle Charnas and Christine Andrews that made me think in order to be a successful blogger you had to be a trust fund baby who got a Birkin Bag for their 13th bday and had a collection of designer coutoure just because! I am not blaming that stigma on either of them, but from their profiles it seemed as though luxury items were something they were accustomed to at a young age. But the notion that you have to be a trust fund baby in order to make good content is simply not true, we have so much to offer and our outfits are truly just scratching the surface of our beauty.

I will not lie, it is enjoyable to see bloggers in all the new outfits and trendy accessories/bags/shoes but it does not define the contents of your blog OR your being. Wether you are a blogger dedicated to looks under $50, or a gal who can't leave the house without her louboutin's there is a place for you.

Over the last six months as I've gotten increasingly serious about my blog, I've learned what I'm passionate about is not my clothing, but the way in which it allows me to express myself. I can show the world who I am and what I aspire to be through my wardrobe.

One of my favorite parts about my Instagram family is the interactions I have in the comments of my posts. Frequently I write about topics that are near and dear to my heart, and in turn, I learn about the people, places, and things that are near and dear to my followers' hearts.

As my 30 day shopping cleanse is coming to an end, I am happy to report that I was able to produce quality content without spending. Now I can't promise that I won't be shopping again, but I do know that I can survive on less. Along with having a month to save, I was able to practice my self control when shopping. Your girl did it! How did you do? Are you going to attempt a 30 day cleanse in the future? I'll pray for y'all! XX Hailz

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