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The house that built me (cue Miranda Lambert)

On a sultry summer day in a small suburb outside of NYC, I said goodbye to my childhood home at 5 Blanket Meadow Rd... I can't begin to put into words the mix of emotions that went through me on that day. I was excited for my parents to embark on their next journey but I myself was NOT ready to say goodbye to my memories in that home. I had moved into that house when I was just about 3 - so no I don't remember that day but I do remember the twenty-two years my family spent in that house. I learned how to ride a bike in that driveway, celebrated many birthdays in that backyard, and even had my first kiss in that house (with my neighbor no less, who happens to be one of my best guy friends today) My mom was never a good cook, but I remember her greeting me off the school bus with a snack, where she would gently pry about my day at school and I'd rattle on about the boys on the school bus who were mean, or the gym teacher who said I was too tiny to be good at soccer!! All of these memories made my house a home.

What is home? In the dictionary, a home is described as...

Home /hōm/ (noun) 1.the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

I felt scared that holidays, and birthdays would feel different in a new house and that cozy place I had run to all these years when I wanted to feel safe, warmth, and guidance would dwindle away. What shocked me was the attachment we as consumers have towards "things." A house is just a "thing" without people inside of it. Why was I attached to that home? It wasn't the four walls, but the beings inside those four walls I had grown attached to. It might've been the goodbye to my youth or realizing that never again would I live under the same roof as ALL my siblings, and the acceptance that our individual lives were heading in separate directions. One year prior I had moved out, but never really thought my parents would sell "My House." The moral of the story, life is tough, but we ( the human kind ) are tougher. We adapt, we mold, and we grow. As I sit here in my new "home" in a new town I can't help but smile at all the memories I left at 5 Blanket Meadow Rd, and I hope the family that resides there now can take good care of my home until then.. .. xxx HB

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