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Wooden Ships Knits by Paola Buendia

One of my goals for the coming year is to shop more sustainably and truly learn about where the clothes I wear are made and how their employees are treated, thus leading me to Wooden-Ships. Wooden Ships is a family-owned and operated business that has stood the test of time. From its inception in 1992, founder and designer Paola has always tried (in my opinion succeeded) to curate chic, yet casual styles that are going to last you! Along with creating sustainable ethically made sweaters, Paola shares her passion for community and taking care of our planet with her Wooden Ships family. Wooden Ship Knits believes in lean production and a no-waste approach, meaning each knit is made to order, so there is no backstock. Isn't that cool, every piece is made just for YOU!

But WAIT, it gets better. Wooden Ships Knits created a production company in Bali to ensure the production of WSK would be fair and ethical. WSK owns and operates the factory, meaning they guarantee their employees are getting fair wages, and working conditions are not only adequate but optimal! All employees are offered healthcare, vacation days, maternity leave, etc. Wooden Ships invests in its employees so they can perform to the best of their ability.

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Another star for WSK is that traditionally knitting machines are operated by men (go figure?) but, WSK initiated a program to train women specifically for that skill & today more than 60% of WSK knitters are female! I honestly stumbled across Wooden Ships Knits completely by accident, I was on holiday with my parents when I walked by a mannequin displayed outside with a fab Skull Knit Sweater! Of course, my Mom was like "Skulls, Haley?" as she often comments on my sometimes edgy style- nevertheless, I went in and tried it on! Fit like a glove, one of my rules in deciding whether or not to purchase something is if I leave it and if I'm still thinking about it a day or two later I must really want it. So that's what I did, I walked by my Skull Knit Sweater every day for the rest of my holiday (which was only 2 days) but it felt like an eternity. After two days of anxiously waiting to see if my sweater was still there every time I walked by - I figured it was a sign from God that he must've wanted me to have it (not sure it works that way, but it helps me justify my spending habits ;p) See below for links + how I styled a couple of Wooden Ship Knits :)

Lips Knit Sweater Silk Slip Skirt

MK White Booties

White Combat Booties

Celine Sunglasses Celine Dupes

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